Dancing With Destiny

Zelda Drummond proved that it was possible to bounce back from tragedy. She had escaped an abusive relationship and was in the process of reinventing herself. The climax of this “self renewal” took place on the night of her dazzling comeback performance. The lovely dancer had reclaimed her passion and proved that she was ready for anything. Anything, except another relationship. Kantey Swift was captivated the moment he spotted Zelda on stage. The gorgeous producer had a healthy, well-known appetite for women. Unfortunately, Zelda was tougher than anyone he had ever met. Though she couldn't help but be drawn to Kantey's sexy, dark features, Zelda had no desire to encourage him. After spending three years in a living nightmare, she’d decided a romantic involvement was not in her best interest. Kantey had made a decision as well: Zelda Drummond was far too beautiful to keep herself locked away. Her staunch refusals to his advances were met with fiery persuasion. After a while, his sensuous spell had worked its magic. The “magic” however, was threatened when Zelda's ex-flame Gary Stewart surfaced with vengeful intentions. The man became an unwelcomed fixture in Kantey and Zelda's lives, appearing where and when he was least expected. In spite of such intense obstacles; not to mention Kantey’s and Zelda’s own stubborn personalities, they managed to develop a powerful union. They would come to rely on every aspect of its strength to overcome the darkness threatening it. Order it!

Through It All

Xavier Garrett's dangerous career as a homicide detective finally prompted Vanessa Garrett to end their marriage. When a murder occurs at the publishing house where Van works, Xav heads the team handling the case. When it's discovered that the killer is targeting the company's executives, Xav goes to great lengths to protect his ex-wife. The situation is far too close for comfort and reminds Vanessa of everything she gave up when she left her sexy ex-husband. Order it!

Soul's Desire

Jurel Reed had accepted the fact that his brother's wife Maxima was off limits.
But when his brother was no longer an issue, would Jurel give into his soul's desire?

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Crafting Characters

Discover how award-winning author AlTonya Washington creates her memorable characters in this brief tutorial.

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Editorial Review of
"For In the Midst of Passion"

"Genuine relationships are the main draw in Washington's novels, and she does not disappoint—though too many times she narrates when her strong, smart
characters could just as easily speak for themselves."

- Publishers Weekly